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Your Odoo Installation is working great. But every time you hit your IP address or your domain on the address bar you have to enter the:8069 along with the address which might look a bit of extra work or would look unprofessional when displaying it to a customer. 

This particular blog can be useful for versions 13.0 and above. For older version I have mentioned the changes to be done on the same lines. 

It is very easy to set it up in the Windows Environment and within 2 steps you can achieve the desired results.

First head out to your odoo.conf file. 

Open in Notepad.

odoo ms 80

Find http_port = 8069 inside the file (For older versions of odoo it should be  xmlrpc_port = 8069)

odoo ms 80 2

Change it to http_port = 80, and save the file. (For older versions of odoo it should be  xmlrpc_port = 80)

After this just restart your Odoo Services. 

odoo ms 80 3

Now try accessing your application via your browser with out your 8069 and everything should be up and fine. 

odoo ms 80 4

That’s all folks! For now. 

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